In 1993, my wife said that she was going to get an abortion.
She said that fetal tests indicated abnormal chromosomes; and, if that daughter lived, she would be a very
special little girl.
I was on the other side of the world, and by the time I got my passport returned with permission to leave
Saudi Arabia, it was too late.
I found my wife in a hotel in Austin.
She had already been given the injection, that killed our daughter.
The next day, I took my wife to the clinic, to get a second injection that induced a miscarriage.

Do you HAVE to KILL a baby, to get it out of your body?
Why not just simply give a woman the choice, to induce a miscarriage without killing the fetus, and leave it up
to God, and the baby's will to fight for life, to decide whether they live or die?
There are many naturally premature babies born every year.
Each one makes a small contribution to the science of neonatal care.  
How many of these
natural preemies would benefit from techniques learned, to extend the lives of other boys
or girls, who weren't killed during an abortion?

Pro Choicers seem to think, that women's control over their own reproductive health care decisions, is more
important than a baby's life.   SEE:
Born-Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002
If a baby is in the process of being born, or already outside the mother's body, why kill it?
How can anything OUTSIDE a woman's body, affect her reproductive health?

What about the mental health, of a woman who might feel guilty, about killing her child?

After I returned to Saudi Arabia, my wife seemed to become more and more out of touch and detached,
when I phoned her.  
Finally, I called with the date, flight number, and time of my return.  
She wasn't at the airport to meet my flight.
I took a cab home; but, she wasn't there. There was fresh milk in the refrigerator, as if she had forgotten
about my arrival and taken the kids out shopping.  
Weeks went by, without sign of her, or my children.

The house was a mess; and, instead of taking the trash to the curb, my Wife had just tossed everything into  
the garage.
The only thing she cleaned out, was my bank account.
After the stinking food and packaging were properly at the curb for pick-up, I went through a large pile of
books and papers, to try and get some clue, about what happened to my family.
It seems that she had joined some kind of Star Child cult, and blew the extra money that I earned overseas
on metaphysical books, tapes, contributions, and vacations to resorts, like those in Sedona, AZ.

Also, in that pile of papers, was a dated ultrasonic photo of a baby in my Wife's womb.
It was plain to see, from everything between the little fingers and toes, that our girl was well on her way to
being fully developed and born.
I say little girl, because the technician had circled the area between the legs, showing that the baby was not a
boy. My Wife had also written her soon-to-be Daughter's name on that ultrasonic photo.

What expectant mother names a Daughter, that she hasn't bonded with?

I filed for divorce; and, it looked like I was going to get the kids... if, I could find them.
After her parent passed away, my Wife showed up, and contested the divorce.
It then began looking as if she was going to get custody, of our 5 year old Daughter and 2 year old Son.  
But, after I tried to return my children from summer visitation, my Wife had disappeared again.
I raised my kids without any visit, phone call, or letter from their Mother, for over twenty four years now.
What sane woman would deny the existence of her children?

Tell me, that a woman who has her child killed, doesn't experience some degree of guilt, denial,
mental health issues.
Why not give a woman the choice, to induce a miscarriage without killing the fetus?